Hammam al-Nahhasin in Aleppo Old City restores its glory after rehabilitation

2022-11-15 11:59:32

The archaeological Hammam al-Nahhasin (al-Nahhasin public bathhouse) in Aleppo Old City which dates back to the Ayyubid era has restored its splendor and glamour after being rehabilitated after the terrorist war which dragged on for ten years, to restore the rituals of joy to its neighborhoods and the old markets of Aleppo adjacent to it.

The ancient al-Nahhasin bathhouse dates back more than 950 years, according to its owner, Ibrahim Qattan, who told SANA reporter that the one who ordered its construction was Aisha bint Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi.

The visitors of Hammam al-Nahhasin go through small alleys to reach the bathhouse as it is located behind the Great Umayyad Mosque where these alleys intersect with the roads leading to al- Shibani Church and the Farafra neighborhood.

Qattan added that the bathhouse was historically divided into two parts, the first and it is called al-Sitt Hammam (bathhouse), and it was intended for women, and the second was the coppersmith’s bathhouse for men.

Qattan added: “The bathroom has an old and unique architectural style adorned by domes that have small openings for lighting, and you enter it through going down the stairs as it is slightly under the ground in order to keep the heat and provide warmth for the visitors.”