Ranim Hassan… A talented young girl in Robotics and Smart Systems Engineering

2022-09-06 13:04:56

Robot Engineering for Ranim Hassan is a magical world in which she could make her first achievement with her team, Saturn NCD, in the National Olympiad for the Future Engineers Competition 2022. The team won the gold medal for designing a self-driving car capable of transcending red and green traffic lights in a specific order in addition to changing the shape of the inner wall of the arena.

Ranim, 19, a student of Robotics and Smart Systems Engineering at Al-Manara University, spoke to the SANA Youth Bulletin about past experience, saying: “I passed the Basic Education stage with high marks and took the exams of the National Center for Excellence. In the Tenth Grade, I  presented two research seminars, one of which was scientific in mathematics entitled Solving Devontian Equations, and the second was literary in philosophy entitled Philosophical Thinking in Japanese and Greek Civilizations.

“I also presented a draft research in biology entitled Extracting Antioxidants from Pipe Plants. In the first year at the center, I ranked first, the next year, I participated in the Syrian Scientific Olympiad for Physics, and in the high school I participated in the National Competition for Mathematical Modeling. Together with a group of my colleagues, I submitted a project I did my research in an informatics subject entitled Using a network of wireless sensors to locate a target for a self-propelled cannon. The project, in addition to the competitions, helped me choose the university branch that suits my interests and scientific inclinations” she added.