Australian tourist documents damages inflicted on Palmyra monuments at hands of terrorists

2019-06-12 10:45:47

Upon arriving in Palmyra archeological city, Australian tourist and businessman Richard Horsey expressed overwhelming happiness for getting acquainted with its culture and humanitarian heritage.

Horsey said that he works on documenting the damages inflicted upon the most prominent archeological and historical monuments in Palmyra City at the hands of Daesh (ISIS) terrorists.

“I am very happy for the security and stability which prevail most of the areas which I have visited in Syria, particularly after passing through a long road in the Syrian Badia (desert) to reach Palmyra City, contrary to what is being circulated by Western media,” Horsey added.

Horsey, who works as a manager of one of the trade companies for real estate investments in Sidney City, affirmed that the goal behind his visit to Syria is to meet people and talk to them.

He added the people whom he has met and talked to expressed deep comfort over the state of stability and peace which Syria is living and they were very hospitable.

He noted that during his visit, he will work on documenting the damages and destruction which the most prominent archeological monuments in the city went through at the hands of the enemies of human culture.

Horsey expressed hope that the international organizations which are specialized in archeological restoration will contribute to restoration of those archeological monuments which are considered as a cultural and humanitarian heritage for all mankind.