Website of Organization of Syrian Arab Radio and TV


At 2,45 pm on Wednesday, July 17th, 2002 the general organization for Radio and Television successfully announced the launching of its first website on Internet with local and poor capabilities, anyone around the world could visit the site and browse its contents.
Our career has started since 16 years and we have endured the suffering of working and keep awaking for long hours throughout the day to keep pace with local, Arab and global events, and with breaking news as well as special and instant coverage for military, political, local, economic, artistic and cultural events, so the website advances its ranking among the local and international sites to become the most important source of information and Syrian official news especially under an unjust economic, political and media siege.
Text news are considered the mainstay of the website due to the easiness and speed of accessing to them and spreading as news item, the live broadcast of radio and television channels takes the second place in terms of numbers of the followers and visitors.
The mother website of the general organization includes, six satellite and local television channels and six radio channels, which best of their programs are uploaded on the Internet, to form electronic archive of the works of these channels over the years, and to document many heroic stories and epics especially during the years of the crisis which is imposed on Syria
Caricatures, books, personalities and elites are not lost on the site, even the radio drama has an important place.
With the acceleration of technological developments and the spread of social media, the general organization has established its presence on most of these sites, the number of its Facebook followers exceeded 1.5 million, and those sites have a share of our website by the corner of Top Net for most prevalent materials on social media.
Our logo with the launch of the new visual identity has become
The General Organization of Syrian Arab Radio and Television is “Your Window onto The World”