President al-Assad to Russian delegation: joint conditions of war on terrorism will help bilateral social and cultural integration

2022-10-20 23:24:58

 Members of the the delegation participating in the 5th meeting to follow up the International Conference on the Return of Syrian Refugees and Displaced conveyed to President al-Assad the outputs and outcomes reached during the joint Session of Syrian- Russian Inter -Agency Coordination Committees in terms of following up on the efforts, procedures and facilitations taken for the return of the displaced and refugees to their cities and villages, as well as in terms of developing and strengthening bilateral cooperation in various fields.

Members of the delegation said that President Vladimir Putin attaches significance to developing relations with Syria, underscoring that the sessions held by the committees give an opportunity to discuss the prospects of future work and identifying new areas of cooperation.

They stated that the cooperation comprises a wide variety of vital domains involving industry, agriculture ,power, culture, higher education and scientific research.

President al-Assad affirmed the importance of following up on the outcomes reached through ambassadors and officials in both countries, pointing out to the joint work at the educational and cultural fields, “as the biggest purpose is creating an integration on the popular level based on decades-old joint families “.

The President  considered that “the joint conditions of war on terrorism will help cultural and social integration between the two peoples”.

President al-Assad congratulated the the participants over the success of the Referendums on Joining Russia in Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson, referring that the Syrian people follow up on the Russian Special Military Operation in the same way they have followed the battles against terrorists in Syria.