President al-Assad and Mrs.Asma attend basketball match within Paralympic Games: the wounded has the top priority

2022-10-12 22:51:24

President Bashar Al-Assad and Mrs. Asma al-Assad attended a basketball match on Wednesday, the second day of the the competitions of the Paralympic Games held in Damascus for the “Homeland’s Wounded”.

“Our congratulations to all participant teams, congratulations to winners.. I don,t mean winning in the final rewards, but what I mean is the ability of each wounded to reach this level and take part in this championship… the mere participation is in itself a victory, it is a sport victory, a body victory, a psychological victory, the victory of Man on oneself, the superiority of Man on oneself,” President al-Assad said in a speech given to the participants.

President al-Assad added “We watched the enthusiastic match with pride and admiration with each one of you…… We know that the Wounded Homeland program aims to create a capable wounded… today we did not see a slogan, we saw you succeed in sports, and this success is a reflection and continuation of your success in the combat field, and in defending the homeland,”.

The President added that “the wounded remains the first priority for us and is considered as a role example, he is a fighter in the battlefield and he is a fighter while peace, he carries out battles in the face of terrorism and is fighting now in the face of frustration, and the result was the victory of the solid will.

 132 wounded athletes from the homeland, champions of special sports, along with wounded athletes from Iraq are participating in the competitions.