President al-Assad visits National Center for the Distinguished in Homs

2022-09-12 11:41:24

President Bashar al-Assad visited Sunday the National Center for the Distinguished in Homs.

The center was reopened after stopping for years due to terrorism.

Touring the labs and educational sections, President al-Assad met the Board of Trustees of the Distinction and Creativity Agency, the Scientific Affairs Council of the National Center for the Distinguished, and the Committee of Experts and Specialists, and discussed with them their ideas on improving education in a way that matches with the scientific and economic changes and supports the research path so that it has an impact on the productive and service sectors.

The center was inaugurated in 2009 in Homs as a national scientific minaret, then it was targeted by terrorism in 2012, so its cadres and students moved to temporary centers in several provinces.

Today, the center was reopened with higher aspirations in the curricula, the specializations, the educational tools and the staff.

13 years ago, President al-Assad was present at the inauguration of this center, and today, on the first day of the new school year after its reopening, President al-Assad shared the staff and students the joy and the pride of return of the center, as the reopening of the center represents a message of the hope in capabilities, potentials and achievements, construction in the face of destruction and science in countering ignorance.

President al-Assad told the center’s students, cadres, experts and specialists, “Dear students, gentlemen, teachers, supervisors in charge of this national center, congratulations to all of you for returning to this center, which was established in 2009 to be a scientific, social and national beacon, I am happy to be with you on the first day of the year, the first academic year after the opening ,after ten years of interruption and thirteen years after the inauguration of this center in the year 2009”.

President al-Assad added: “Although this occasion is an occasion of joy, this joy carries with it a tinge of sadness, grief for the lost years of the life of this center, grief for the destruction that befell it as a result of terrorism that destroyed this center and many centers, facilities and edifices.” It destroyed cities in different regions of Syria, hindered the process of development and modernization, and set the country back decades. However, all this destruction was not able to stop the education process in the National Center for the Distinguished, which moved from one governorate to another and from one university to another without stopping, and there was insistence before students, parents, and those working for the continuation of this educational process and overcoming all harsh conditions, and we were able to continue for ten years in this process, and today we were able to return to the original location of the center and to its main mission”.

President al-Assad added, “After ten years, from a scientific point of view, there are new sectors that have emerged, it is radical, and therefore the educational process must change in essence towards development in line with scientific changes on the one hand, social and national changes on the other, meaning that we must think about the future and development through the lessons learned from this war.”.

President al-Assad said, “When the center was established in 2009, the main objective at that time was to support the development process that is taking place in Syria with distinguished cadres, because development cannot be imported, but rather there must be a local scientific, intellectual and creative production, today and after what happened in Syria and based on the lessons learned, there are additional tasks to be added to the graduate cadres of the institute later, not only in the scientific, which is necessary, essential and self-evident, but also in the social aspect, what destroyed Syria is ignorance and this ignorance took people in two directions ,part of the people went towards terrorism under different wrong addresses and another part took people who love their country but at first they did not understand the truth of what happened and because ignorance is widespread, they went in the wrong direction and served terrorism and served the enemies without knowing unintentionally, then there is a basic role that we must think about for the future that differs from the roles we thought about before the war, but in order to be able to do this we must go in several directions from now on after returning to this center,”.