Lavrentiev: Special operation in Ukraine won’t affect Russia’s support for Syria in combating terrorism

2022-11-24 12:34:07

The Russian President’s Special Envoy to Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev, has affirmed that the Russian special military operation in Ukraine will not affect the support provided for Syria in the fight against terrorism.

Novosti agency quoted Lavrentiev as saying in a press statement today that there is no need to transfer forces from Syria to the area of operations in Ukraine, because we have a limited military division in Syria, which is not large in number and does not participate directly in hostilities.

He added that the Russian military provides assistance and advisory support to the Syrian units and sometimes support is provided by the Russian Air Force.

Lavrentiev stressed that Russia will continue its support for Syria despite the special military operation in Ukraine.

 Lavrentiev headed the Russian delegation to the 19th International Meeting on Syria in the Astana format, which was held in the Kazakh capital, where the guarantor states affirmed in their final statement their firm commitment to Syria’s sovereignty, independence and unity, and their rejection of separatist plans aimed at undermining Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.