Industry Ministry continues to support industrial facilities to make sure production process is sustainable

2023-08-14 11:33:31

Minister of Industry, Abdul Qader Jokhadar underlined the importance of continuing the production process in textile factories in Homs province to meet the demand of local market of textile yarns.

While inspecting the production process at Al-Waleed Spinning Company, Jokhadar noted that nearly 4700 tons of raw cotton have been secured to be distributed to public sector facilities and securing cotton threads for industrialists.

The minister’s tour also included a number of engineering, food and chemical industrial facilities in Homs.

Jokhadar noted the progress of work in the yeast factory to ensure the material for bakeries in Syria, pointing out the ministry’s intension to increase the production of yogurt company through bringing additional amounts of milk marketing the products by the Syrian Trading and the Ministry of Industry.

The minister praised the efforts made by the owners of private facilities at Hessia Industrial city and the industrial complex at Shinshar area to make production process sustainable, affirming that the ministry works to grant the industrialists the necessary licenses for establishing facilities at Hessia city and secure the production requirements.

Head of the Hessia Industrial city, Mohammed Amer Khalil referred growing volume of investments in the city with the entry of 47 new investors, bringing the total number of investors to 1015, investors, while continuing to provide all facilities for them.