Syrian-Emirati Business Council discusses its work plan for the next stage

2022-08-29 11:37:21

The Syrian-Emirati Business Council held a meeting on Sunday evening at the Damascus-based Four Seasons Hotel.

The meeting focused on the council’s work plan for the next stage, which includes developing economic relations between Syria and the UAE and establishing economic partnerships.

Chairman of the Council Ghazwan al-Masri stressed the importance of seeking to increase trade exchange and establish investment projects between the two countries in addition to encouraging Syrian and UAE businessmen to invest in Syria.

Al-Masri called for benefiting from the progress achieved by the UAE in alternative energy projects and activating the industry, tourism, agriculture and health sectors to reflect positively on the peoples of the two countries and ensure the availability of products at acceptable prices and with guaranteed quality.

He stressed that the UAE is one of Syria’s most important trading partners at the global level, as it ranks first in the Arab world and third globally in the commercial field and holds 14% of Syria’s foreign trade.

The Vice-Chairman of the Council, Anas Maatouq, stated that the council’s goal is to improve the reality of investments, activate trade and investment exchange with the UAE in all fields, and benefit from Investment Law No. 18 of 2021 and the attractive environment for investment in Syria.

Maatouq urged the Syrian side to benefit from all business prospects in the UAE by forming solid partnerships with it.

He added that the council’s work plan for the coming year includes preparing for mutual visits by businessmen in the two countries, increasing the space for the Food Expo, urging Syrian businessmen to visit exhibitions held in the UAE, activating the movement of exports, and urging Emirati businessmen to invest in Syria in various sectors, including renewable energy, health, industry, agriculture, tourism and training and rehabilitation projects for Syrian human resources.