Syrian artist Aktham Abdel-Hamid participates in 1st Patras Int’l Marble Sculpture, Greece

2022-06-23 12:10:38

With an innovative sculptural work, Syrian sculptor Aktham Abdel-Hamid participated in the 1st Patras International Marble Sculpture which concluded activities in Greece yesterday.

 “During the forum, I completed a portrait of a woman calling for an end to wars all over the world in order to preserve human civilization, and at the same time, carrying a message that art is capable of elevating man through the beauty it offers,” concerning his sculptural work, artist Abdel-Hamid said in a statement to SANA reporter.

Abdel-Hamid, who +received an invitation from Patras City Council to participate in the Forum, said that the only Arab sculptor participating, along with sculptors from several countries around the world, including Canada, Armenia, Albania and other countries, in addition to the participation of a number of Greek sculptors.

The Syrian artist added that Patris city, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, is an important tourist destination in Greece as it embraces several tourist seaports that receive large numbers of foreign tourists, which allowed the participants in the forum to come into contact with a diverse audience of several nationalities who visited the site of implementation during the days of their participation in this global artistic forum.