Investment of Damascene Rose cultivation… promising opportunities, competitive incentives

2022-06-01 14:09:11

Aromatic and medicinal oils manufacturing projects need high tech, as their products need foreign export markets due to their high prices and the presence of great competitiveness by some countries that are specialized in these industries, including Iran and Bulgaria.

This entails that all bodies concerned should make great efforts to develop a comprehensive work map for cultivating the Damascene Rose and manufacturing its products.

Syrian Investment Agency (SIA) has proposed two investment opportunities in the provinces of Damascus countryside and Quneitra in the field of cultivating and manufacturing medicinal and aromatic herbs and plants “The Damascene Rose” and extracting oils from them, according to the Director-General of the Agency, Madian Diyab.
Diyab said that facilities have been provided for the two projects, including the provision of the necessary infrastructure and services for them by securing the appropriate place through partnership with local administrations or by providing state property with nominal wages.

He added that the importance of these projects comes from the fact that they secure the needs of pharmaceutical and perfume factories, in addition to the absence of such projects in the two provinces with the availability of all raw materials.

Dr. Mahmoud al-Kouri, an agricultural expert in aromatic plants and member of the Chamber of Agriculture in Damascus and its countryside, stated in a similar statement that the appropriate roadmap that ensures maximum benefit from the products of the Damascene rose, especially investment in the manufacture of essential oils, should start from the search for external export markets that absorb the local product.

Al-Kouri highlighted the importance of modernizing and developing the cultivation process and increasing the cultivated areas in all Syrian provinces.