Syrian-Omani talks to enhance joint cooperation in cultural and educational fields

2022-05-26 12:29:27

Minister of Culture, Dr. Lubanah Mshaweh, discussed with Dr. Madiha Ahmed Al-Shaibani, Omani Minister of Education, ways to enhance joint cooperation between the two brotherly countries in the cultural and educational fields.

Mshaweh reviewed the Syrian cultural scene during the years of the terrorist war against Syria and the measures taken to preserve and restore the damaged Syrian antiquities.

She referred to the Syrian Ministry of Culture’s program and initiatives in the field of child culture and artistic rehabilitation.

The two sides highly appreciated these efforts and their great importance in building a conscious generation that adheres to its heritage and national identity.

Other issues were also on the table such aspects of cooperation in the field of protecting and preserving tangible and intangible heritage, benefiting from the Syrian experience in teaching the Arabic language, coordinating joint work at the level of UNESCO, and mutual support between the two countries.