Syrian folk costumes …. Civilized identity rich in beauty

2020-11-10 13:52:21

Syrian folk costumes represent a civilized modern identity which the Syrian women have been famous for from decades ago with their beautiful fabrics, bright colors, and unique designs.

During a lecture held at Kafr Souseh Cultural Center in Damascus, Journalist Dr. Amal Dakkak and Fashion Designer ‎Hatoon Maqresh shed light on the Syrian folk costumes and their diversity from one province to another and their close association with the heritage.

Dakkak underlined the importance of the folk costumes in all the countries of the world as each country and society has its own traditional clothes which is proud of it whether they wear it or not in their daily life.

She indicated that the Syrian folk costumes represent the Syrian society with their bright colors, nature, and the attributes of dignity and decency, and they are similar to each other in general with a little difference in certain details.

Fashion designer Hatoon affirmed the importance of preserving the folk costumes and modernizing them in a way that suits the person’s identity, clarifying the Syrian heritage richness in fabrics and designs which fit the oriental woman.

She added that as a designer she seeks to revive the Syrian folk costumes in a beautiful and modern way.