Syria participates in Arab Forum for Cultural Heritage 2020 in Sharjah

2020-11-10 10:37:56

With participation of Syria, the Arab Forum for Cultural Heritage 2020 has started activities under the title “Authenticity, Community and Conservation in the Arab Thought” in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

The Forum, organized by the regional office to preserve the Cultural Heritage in Arab World ICCROM-Sharjah, will last for two days, and it will include interpositions and topics that will be presented via the internet by researchers who will tackle the challenges facing the sector of antiquities and heritage in the region.

The forum will be concluded by announcing the winners of the ICCROM-Sharjah Award for Good Practices in Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management in the Arab Region in which Syria participated through the project of restoration of the archeological al-Saqatiyah market in Aleppo Old City along with 14 Arab cultural projects.

During the forum, Archeologist Dr. Mamoun Abdul-Karim presented a lecture about the challenges facing the authenticity of the Syrian cultural heritage after the war on Syria under the title “Aleppo…A model.”

Abdul-Karim reviewed the deep-rooted status of Aleppo Old City and its landmarks and unique monuments such as its citadel, markets, churches, mosques, bathhouses, and palaces which made it eligible to be included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in the year 1986.

Abdul-Karim talked about what Aleppo had suffered from as a result of terrorism which had destroyed a large part of its old city, referring to the extent of damage that was inflicted on it at the hands of terrorists.

He also reviewed the measures taken by Aleppo Antiquities and Museums Department to guarantee the safety of the archeological sites and to renovate the archeological antiquities and sites which have been destroyed throughout the terrorist war waged against Syria.