Paintings inhabited by memories … the essence of the participation of plastic artist Ali Jarwan in Picasso International Exhibition

2020-11-04 11:58:12

The houses that are stored for memories in their corners and between their walls are the essence of the three paintings by which plastic artist Ali Jarwan participates in the Picasso global Exhibition in Malaga, Spain, along with 30 Syrian artists and about a thousand artists from different countries.

Jarwan drew the pictures  with a high feeling, as the gradations of blue overwhelmed them with their combination of other colors that overlapped with the singularity of birds, that gives hope and optimism to the viewer.

In a statement to local reporter, Jarwan pointed out that the idea of ​​participating in the international art exhibitions deserves attention and represents a tributary of the plastic movement on the Syrian scene in terms of friction with the experiences of foreign artists, considering that the Syrian artists participating in the exhibition met to convey one message that told the Syrian artist loves life and works to reconstruct his country.

Jarwan added that the Syrian plastic art, which was a pioneer before the war, is still at the forefront of the Arab and international scene and has not been disappointed by the war and its consequences, expressing his optimism about the distinctive imprint that the Syrian artist will leave in this exhibition because the participating works are good and will prove their existence.