Rainy weather in different regions, snowfall expected over the heights

2024-01-28 13:39:36

the weather will be partly cloudy in general and rainy over various areas of the country, particularly the coastal, northwestern and southern regions.

 Meteorology Department expected in its Sunday bulletin that temperatures will remain below average in general, as the country is affected by low air pressure in all layers of the atmosphere accompanied by a cold and humid air mass.

The weather will be very cold at night, warning against the formation of frost and fog over the mountain highlands and the interior regions and the rainfall is expected during the night hours in most areas, and snow over the high mountains, according to Meteorology Department.

The wind will be southwesterly, between low to moderate, with active gusts sometimes, and the sea waves will be low to moderate in height.

The expected temperatures in some major Syrian cities will be as follows: Damascus 8 / 5, Homs 10 / 1, Hama 10 / 2, Aleppo 12 / 2, Lattakia 16 / 8.