“Between the two Tishreen … Jasmine Tales” …a celebration of the Damascus Engineers’ Syndicate

2020-11-23 22:44:02

Various literary, artistic and poetic productions were included in the celebration of the Damascus Engineers Syndicate on Monday, which was held under the title “Between the two Tishreen (October and Novembers) … Jasmine Tales” in the lecture hall of the house of Arab Engineer Basil Hafez al-Assad in Damascus.

The celebration included poetic paragraphs, poems glorifying the homeland, and flirtatious passages presented by a number of poets, initiated by the poet, engineer Jamal Al-Masry, accompanied by the oud player, the artist Haitham Kiwan, and others presented by engineer Linda Ibrahim, followed by the poet Ayham al-Houri , in which they talked about the heroics of the October Liberation War, the victories of Syrian valiant army and the sacrifices of the  martyrs.

It also included a presentation of photos about Tishreen  liberation war, taken by photojournalist Muhammad Bashir Shahrour, who testified before the audience about the events he experienced with the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army as they liberated the land from the Zionist occupation, in addition to the presentation of a short film about the heroics of the glorious  Tishreen  liberation war.