Ayn Elkorum…one of the most significant tourist destinations in Hama Province

2020-08-17 22:02:36

Ayn Elkorum is a charming village taking its names from springs of pure water and vineyards which is famous of it.
Ayn Elkorum village is one of the most important tourist destinations in Hama province due to its nature and its high view on al-Gab plain and eastern foothills to Lattakia mountains series.
Head of Ayn Elkroum municipality, Raif Osman Asaad, said that the town is distinguished by its unique nature, surrounded by gardens and fields from all sides, famous for its fertile lands of red soil, expanding in wide and gradient plain and the ornate river passes on its sides that gives it a charming beauty. It is known for its pure springs such as al-Fawar and Tahoona Halawa.
The town is affiliated to Assqilbya region, related to large number of villages, so it acquired a geographical significance which is considered as a linking point among several areas.
The village is famous for its various crops from wheat, cotton and anise in addition to fruit trees as figs, pomegranate, grapes, walnuts as the locals depend on growing seasonal vegetables.