Al-Shibl: Syrian-Chinese strategic relationship was built decades ago

2023-09-23 21:38:52

Special Advisor to the Presidency of the Republic, Luna Al-Shibl, stressed that the strategic relationship between Syria and China was built decades ago, hailing China’s role on the international arena and its foundation for a new path in the common development.

The importance of the Syrian-Chinese diplomatic relations lays in their strategic relations that were built for 70-year ago and that those relations are based on common goals and political language, in addition to the unity of approach in dealing with common issues, which formed the deep compatibility between the two countries based on the joint principles and interests, Al-Shibl said in a statement to al-Thawra and Tishreen newspapers from the Chinese city, Hangzhou.

Al-Shibl added that the Syrian-Chinese summit, held yesterday, confirms that China is building an international policy outside its walls based on principles, mutual respect, and common prosperity, to establish clear and deep alliances for the stability of the region and the world, especially with the countries that have stood firm and steadfast in the face of the Western camp, which builds its existence through occupation and hegemony.