Ministry of Finance .. third auction on treasury bonds worth 100 billion SPs next October

2022-09-25 14:11:28

Finance Ministry announced its third auction of government securities for the current year to issue two-year treasury bonds with a target range of /100/ billion Syrian pounds on the 10th of October.

“all natural and legal personality have the right to participate in the auction by opening an account with any of the participating financial brokerage companies or with operating banks qualified to subscribe to treasury bonds. Financial brokerage companies and qualified public and private banks are also entitled to subscribe to bonds” The Ministry said in a statement published on its Facebook page.

The ministry pointed out that “the treasury bonds announced for subscription will be allowed to trade at Damascus Stock Exchange, which gives them the advantage of liquidity, in addition to benefiting from the interests that will be granted semi-annually at an interest rate that will be determined based on the submitted offers, which will be announced after the end of the subscription”.

The Ministry of Finance has implemented the entire calendar of securities planned for the year 2022, with a total issuance value of 600 billion Syrian pounds.