Aleppo furniture craftsmen… heroes who brought their products to Damascus

2020-11-07 11:33:56

Many stories were drawn by Aleppo furniture craftsmen who were able to pass the effects of the war with the will, determination and support provided to them to carry their products from inside facilities that were nearly destroyed and rehabilitated. They displayed the finest and most distinguished furniture in Damascus in front of many visitors, merchants and industrialists and to reconnect their relationships and their presence in the markets that have always witnessed the flourishing of their craft throughout the years.

In addition to the many products presented by the participants in “Producers 2020” exhibition  in Takkiyah Suleimanya in Damascus, a number of Aleppo furniture craftsmen, next to the main lake in the Takkiyah, have put models of their craftsmanship distinguished by precision and quality, including the participant William Antoine Arak, who brought with him a number of pieces that he completed in his small workshop  after the terrorists  have destroyed his factory  in Hamidiya area in Aleppo, expressing his hope that he will find in Damascus a market to sell his products.

Arak, who is determined to start again with his partners in work and production after the liberation of Aleppo from terrorism, he opened a small workshop in the industrial zone in al-Arqoub, and they started working with four new machines with their skill in manual work in the manufacture of furniture, and they are now seeking to develop their place faster, as he says: “The will to work must not be broken. No matter how harsh conditions we suffer.”