Serghaya’s cherry is first for exportation, frost affected production this season

2020-06-03 23:53:10

Cherry tree is distinguished in its abundance production, longevity and fruits which are rich in the food values, some varieties ripe early in Summer season as farmers in Serghaya town, in Damascus countryside, give a great attention to this tree because the production is marketed at a price that suits their exerted efforts.

Locals of Serghaya which is a tourist town located in the north of Damascus city, started picking cherries a week ago amid an atmosphere which is full of hope, but the season which they waited for a year disappointed them, as frost has recently affected trees and contributed to reducing production of cherry and others kinds of fruits that Serghaya are famous of, like apple, peach and etc.

One farmer stressed that frost has affected the fruits’ season in Serghaya and reduced the quantity of production and caused huge damages to apple trees, considering the production, if compared to the cultivated area, should reach 120 tons of cherry, but this season reduced to the half annual production due to weather conditions that affected the quality and volume of cherry.